Colin Hudd

Ever since dance music first swelled up in the UK, Colin Hudd has been riding the crest of the waves. Beginning his monumental journey, with humble beginnings working as a mobile DJ from 1971 to 1976, This laid the foundations of his DJ career today. 

Colin began a residency in 1976 at ‘The Monica’ on Canvey Island, a year later gaining another residency at ‘Wings’, Gravesend End. After passing an audition, Colin moved from ‘Monica’ to ‘Goldmine’, a residency he kept until 1981.

In those days Colin had already established a respected reputation among the soul and funk clubs of the time. He had been a regular at Canvey’s legendary ‘Goldmine’ and was still on a high from winning the ‘Blues & Soul Club’ DJ award.

His profile gained momentum enough for him to be noticed and given his now legendary run at ‘Flicks’ which ran from 1978 through to 1987.  But, from as early as 1986, when the rest of the world was still listening to soul and the new romantics, Colin had already started leaning towards an entirely new genre of dance music. Little did he know that the music he had recognised as something more than a ‘fad’ would become the global phenomenon it is still today; House Music.

Colin has always been ahead of his time. From when he discovered house music in 1986 when he was advised to leave this new ‘noise’ alone and stick to the soul that had worked so well for him, but, going with his instincts; he found himself pioneering a dance revolution. 

His technical ability and creative foresight enabled him to go on to headline landmark clubs such as Heaven, Legends, Ministry of Sound, World Dance, Pure Sex, and Spectrum/Land of Oz.

Even bigger events were round the corner. His residency at Spectrum found him working alongside Paul Oakenfold a man he remains good friends with today. By that time house music had begun to take hold and Colin and Paul found themselves playing to packed dance floors night after night, Leading to Colin and Paul supporting U2 on their Zooropa tour.
It was inevitable that Colin would turn to producing his own music. He worked as the Manic MCs and Audio Deluxe, whilst remixing PP Arnold, Billy Idol and a host of other well-respected artists.

He moved to Singapore to open the Velvet Underground in 1994 and, having played regular gigs there, he packed his record box and headed for New York where he played The Palladium. Since those days Colin Hudd has graced turntables from Pacha, Ibiza a packed Olympic stadium, Berlin and Dublin’s Pod. Colin is currently working on projects and is still releasing tracks on his Hudson International Music. All His back catalogue is available for download online. Colin currently presents The Rytham Method Every Saturday 4pm to 7pm on

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