Stevie Waybackwhen

Hello I’m Stevie WayBackWhen and I’m an old skool house, garage and club classics dj. 

I started of as a garage and old skool Mc way back in the 90s/00s and have performed with some of the biggest names on the old skool scene including slipmatt, Billy Bunter, kenny Ken, dj ratty to name a few.ive always DJ’d but on a low key level and building up my dj skills to grow and to eventually play out at some big events raves clubs and festivals. 

I made my festival debut at last years SUNBORN FESTIVAL and had an amazing response and off of the back of that been booked to play at PROPER FEST, 51st STATE FESTIVAL, WE ARE FESTIVAL and again this year’s SUNBORN FESTIVAL. I’m a resident dj for HOUSE IS A FEELING and ONE LOVE and also resident at the RISING SUN and LUNA LOUNGE in Hornchurch and also play for CULTURE SHOCK at BERWICK MANOR. I’ve been told that I’m 1 of the scenes hot prospects which I’m very humble to hear and very proud to have been called that by some big names in the game. 

My DJ name came from my own events I ran called WAY BACK WHEN and the name stuck (but I hate it?) 

I play on radio every Thursday 8-10 USD FM LONDON which I play all sorts frm old skool house to jungle and drum n bass to garage to RnB u could say I’m

Multi genre. 

I’m looking forward to making my debut at the epic SOUL DISCIPLES WEEKENDER  and making you beautiful peoples dance. It’s going to be UNBELIEVABLE. See you all on the dance floor and come and say hello if you see me

Sorry, this event is now sold out.