Steiner Claridge

I’ve been a DJ for 41 years , it all started at the Weed Youth Centre Newbury. I started borrowing the youth centre Citronic Kansas where I did friends party’s and small soul gigs. So decided to buy my own kit and run my own events , Langley hall , Donnington Hall, the Welly, Mobile Discos, Weddings, The Anchor Pub, Copperfields, Gatzbys, the Prancing Horse. I also played at the White House for about 14 years where we had bands like the Morrissey Mullen Band , Noel McCalla. I also was a DJ at Silks night club in Thatcham, then started running events on a bigger scale dealing with 600 to over a thousand people in the Corn Exchange, Newbury and Newbury College with Bob Masters , Roger Sewell, hence the Berkshire Roadshow was formed, where we brought down to these venues the likes of the Radio1 Steve Wright, DLT Simon Bates, Paul Burnett, Greg Edwards, Phil Fearon and Galaxy, Radio Luxembourgs Stuart Henry, Tony Prince.

For about the last 7 years I’ve been a DJ at Red House Soul, Bournemouth Soul Weekender , South Coast Soul Jam, and Ibiza Soul Week. I’ve been doing my radio show on Soul Power Radio every Saturday morning for about the last 6 years, starting at Soulstice Radio and then moving across to Soulpower.

My favourite music is 70s Soul but I do still like the northern I used to play at the Weed . My favourite band is the truly awesome Incognito and I always play one of there chooons every week on my show. I’m looking forward to bringing my flavour to the Soul Disciples Weekender.

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