Steve Wren

Some people say they’ve been singing songs and loving music since the beginning of their memory… Steve Wren also always has had the love for music in his bones since he remembers by growing up in the families who started singing and dancing when they got together every week and on occasions in the pub which his uncle owned in the East End of London. Naturally, RHYTHM is inside him.

Started night clubbing at age of 15, and inspired by those now legendary DJs, e.g. Chris Hill, Jeff Young, Pete Tong, and DJ Froggy, Steve was fascinated by soul, funk, jazz funk and disco music, he started collecting vinyl, and that led him to become a DJ. 

One of his 1st residences as a DJ was at Epping Forest Country Club’s Soul Night alongside Derek B, Tony Jenkins, Froggy, and Steve Walsh. Steve always loves to entertain people and people were entertained, his quest for music is deep, so it was inevitable that he soon started playing in larger venues and events, e.g. Hippodrome and Stringfellows in London, the Goldmine in Canvey Island, and more.

Steve’s radio DJ career started at then pirate’s Stomp FM in East London. At the end of 80’s he was head hunted to now legendary London’s Choice 96.9 FM, started hosting Rap Attack on Friday night alongside DJ 279, Cut Master Swift, and Baby K. 

During the daytime, he served the latest and hottest vinyl’s at the specialist record store, while breaking the new tunes on the radio and at the clubs.

It didn’t take long for him to start running urban music record labels, remixing, and writing tunes with Ronnie Herel under artist name of ‘Funkshun’.

Radio shows:

Stomp FM (one of the original DJ’s), Choice 96.9 FM (Rap Attack, Clubvybes), Capital Xtra, Centreforce (Time 107.5 FM)

Night Clubs:

‘Soul Night’ @Epping Forest Country Club, ‘The Slammer’ in Gravesend and ‘Live To London’@Dingwalls with Tim Westwood, ‘Sweat Box’ @Highwire in Harlow with Kev Hill, the Fridge in Brixton with late DJ Swing, Boogie Bunch & Rampage, ‘Flava Of The Month’ @Borderline in London with DJ 279, ‘Cleavage’ @Chains Barking, ‘Harlem’ @Hollywoods in Romford, ‘Stomp’ @Connolly’s in Barking, ‘Get Loose’ @Fridge with DJ Jigs, ‘Reminisce’ @Broadway Boulevard with Trevor Nelson & Fitzroy the Buzzboy, ‘Twice As Nice’ @Colosseum in Vauxhall, ‘Kat Club’ @Bar Rumba in Shaftesbury Avenue with Ronnie Herel, ‘Shaft’ @the Project in London with Ash Selector, and more…

Legendary East End soul pubs & clubs:

5th Avenue, Black Boy, Tipples, Goochies, Nashvilles, The Villa, Septembers, Hackney Cab and more…


Southport Weekender, Caister Soul Weekender, Hayling Island Soul Weekender

Hosted / interviewed artists:

Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature, House Of Pain, Ultra Magnetic MCs, Fu-Schnickens, McFadden & Whitehead with Jean Carne, Roy Ayers, Teddy Pendergrass, Crown Heights Affair, Heavy D & the Boys, Intro, Philip Bailey (EWF), SWV, En Vogue, Jade, Dawn Robinson, Beverley Knight, D’Influence and Kwame Kwaten, Outlaw Posse, Ty, Blade, Blacksmith, Dodge City, Hijack, Rodney P, Gwen Mc Rea, Elisha La’Verne, Ultimate Chaos… and more…

Main buyer and advisor at specialist record shops:

Bluebird Records, Downtown Records, Uptown Records in Soho London

Record labels:

Polydor UK, Jive UK, Adept (Avex UK), Urbanstar Records


‘You Are My Starship’ by Dazz Band, ‘Rock With You’ (D’Influence version), ‘Here I Come’ by Thriller U, ‘So Very Hot’ by Elisha La’Verne, ‘Like This And Like That’ by Lakiesha Berri, ‘Lights Out’ by Loren, etc…

As an artist:

FUNKSHUN with Ronnie Herel; 

‘Slip & Slide’ (Soul Jazz Records), ‘You Turn Me On’ (Influence Records), ’All I Want / Feel Real’ (Subwoofer Records), ‘Please Don’t Stop The Disco / Feel Good’ (Funkshun Records), ‘Feels Good’ feat. Kenny Thomas (Distinct’ive Records), ‘Something About You’ feat. Lincoln (Soul Village / Expansion Records) 

DJ Steve Wren presents ‘This Is 2 Step’ (Album, Avex)

Be entertained!

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